Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bucket List

OK so time for my new bucket list! The key to this is "be specific"! I'm putting forward five goals (that's about all I could handle in a year).
So number one is ... weight loss. I have a "considerable" amount of weight that I really have to get serious about. I'm the worst in the world when it comes to food, and it's playing havoc with my desire to live beyond fifty. Never have too much problem with the "excercise" part as I enjoy walking and our dog does too - but food - that's my downfall. So new year - let's get down to this. The resolution is simple. STOP eating chocolate bars and sweets. STOP eating take away. EAT plenty of fruit and veg. Drink two litres of water each and every day and...well that's it. I recon by committing to this I will lose my two pounds a week, and by the end of the year I'll have lost a hundred.
Number two...well number two is already in train - playing the Bull McCabe in "The Field" (best start learning my lines).
Number get some qualification regarding VB programming. Something long term, not a one day course.
Number four...(didn't do this last year so...) Date Night. Once a month to have some real quality time just for us.
Number five...get gigging! Aim is to play regular gigs (weekly) and to go to singer/songwriter sessions eavery two months to try out new material.
I've said it - Now LET IT BE DONE!